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Gang of Freyja is a poetic journey to uncover our innate bond with Nature through the sensuality of paper art.

Along Freyja, the nordic Goddess of Beauty and Magic as the leading figure, we are in quest of recovering our authentic relationship with our environment.

I am Juliette Sallin, Swiss paper artist and founder of Gang of Freyja. I create paper cut-out art with the aim to share the beauty of Nature with you. At times a bit stylised or abstract, the paper art always express the Spirit of a Plant or Animal. I like to do it through the study of texture, transparency and colour of different types of paper but also sometimes with other materials such as wood, metal, leather and foam.

My work is in harmony with the craft values and I am a slowness enthusiast so you must expect a small collection, updated 3-4 times a year, in limited edition and entirely made in my studio.

My story

To understand why I created Gang of Freyja, one might go back to my childhood. The holidays spent with my family camping in the wilderness, playing with the children of our gypsy neighbours, feeling the warm and spicy scent of the eucalyptus forests, diving in steel blue lakes all contributed to shape my imaginative spirit and my love of working with my hands. The artist in me sculpted, drew, wrote in an attempt to express her wonder at the Magic Earth.

Years later, thanks to an encouraging art teacher in Sienna, Italy, I decided to pursue my artistic passion and graduated in textile design at the University of Florence. Back in Switzerland, I went on about an academic career specialising in the new technologies in textile design. Yet, beyond a seemingly promising life project, I felt myself drawing away from what really made my heart beat. All these days spent in front of the computer filling in data and elaborating abstract concepts kept me more and more feeling disconnected. After a period of depression, I decided to finally listen to this annoying little voice whispering me to do what  I really loved: wandering in the woods, marvelling at something, falling back into childhood and most of all: working with my hands.

I gave myself two years to explore all the mediums I felt attracted to, to eventually fall madly in love with paper cut-out. This technique enabled me to create images that I could "touch" and express all my feelings that I have for the natural environment. 

I decided then to share my passion and took part in different markets. I discovered that my art could resonate with many people who felt deeply connected with the philosophy behind my work.

Gang of Freyja was born as the will to help people connect - as I did it myself- to the poetry of the World and the Magic of our bond with Nature.


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