I am a visual artist who has always been fascinated by the way we perceive and remember the landscape through our senses. I translate this interest into sculptures made of paper, but also of silk, brass and other materials. I select them for their ability to transcribe the beauty of the elements with their shapes and colors of course, but also for their tactile qualities, and sometimes even how they sound when you touch them.

Enlightened by my own experiences of Nature, by the non-dualistic oriental philosophies (Shivaism, Taoism), the phenomenological philosophy of Merleau-Ponty, and the environmental writings of David Abram, I perceive our inner plenitude as a communion with Nature and the elements. This feeling could be reached when we open ourselves to our sensations, and let our perceptions wrap us.

During the process, I borrow various crafts’ techniques, such as embroidery, silk dyeing, paper decoupage and metal forming. By assimilating these gestures in my artistic practice, I get closer to a form of humbleness and sincerity, where patience and mastery of the mind help me to get closer to my subject and to recreate, in a subjective way, the sensations I experienced in a brief moment of fullness.

My work can be considered as part of the Slow Art movement, and offers a reflection about Time; a very fleeting one, perceived while being in communion with Nature, and another one, longer and precise, during the creation of the artwork.


Born in 1980 in Geneva, Switzerland, Juliette Sallin studied textile design at the University of Florence, new media at the HEAD Geneva and Kingston University (GB). Two-time recipient of the Swiss Ikea Foundation (2009 and 2013), Juliette has exhibited in Switzerland and Great Britain. Her work is held in private collections in Europe and north America.


Kingston University (GB) : phd studies, generative design and new textile aesthetics 2010-2012 Geneva University of Art and Design: postgraduate diploma, new media in art & design, 2008 Florence University (Italy) : bachelor in textile design, 2006

Solo Exhibitions

Caillou (Genève), Talisman collection, 2017

Group show

Future Icons, Buyers Showcase, London, 2019 Flowers | Shoots | Leaves, Jaggedart, London 2019 Mouvement de l’éphémère, Ressources Urbaines, Genève, 2018 Girls girls girls, Le Pavillon Bleu, Genève, 2016
Reconfiguration : crafting design research, The platform gallery, Kingston, 2012 MODE : DEMO, Lift Conférences, Genève, 2010
Cold Center, Kunstraum Walchturm, Zurich 2008
iMedia, Art en île, Genève, 2007


Fondation Ikea Suisse, 2013 Fondation Ikea Suisse, 2009

Lecturing & teaching

Geneva University of Art and Design, textile engineering, 2012
Swiss Design Network Symposium, Practicing Theory (or: Did Practice Kill Theory?), 2011


French, English, Italian

Press & Publications, COMETS : Juliette Sallin, 2017, Tiny Talisman are Pocket-Sized Paper Craft That Wish You Good Luck, 2017, enchanting paper collages by Juliette Sallin, 2016
Marie Claire, édition Suisse, portrait Juliette Sallin, octobre 2015, design textile : Juliette Sallin évoque le vêtement du futur, 2009